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we live on the otherside :)
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What's the big deal with
Running around forever?
What's the big deal with
Acting like a fool?
You'll run until you trip and fall.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Of that which it thinks it needs.
If I only had to ponder,
Yours I would never be.

Hatred makes the heart grow colder.
Closed off by every pumping vein.
Blood inside me makes me warmed,
So that I can move again.

I am no one,
You are nothing.
Turn to me, I'll tell you something.
Tears are crying, multiplying,
Sins I bear send my mind flying.

You are a doll,
Against the wall,
For me to lodge
My best knives.
You are a fake.
My big mistake.
Medicine I should not take.

My mania will notice "me"
And so it will set me free.

I will walk in the rain
To feel revived again
My sedative has nothing
On all of this pain.
And so, I ponder
I'll never see you again.

I'm thankful for your absence.
You're one less problem out of the way.
When do I quit? Let's say it's today.

What made me think it was alright
To pin you down like that and lie?
I thought I was protecting you...
But neither of us were in the right.

What's the big deal with
Running after you?
What's the big deal with
Catering to YOUR every need
When I'm the one with greater needs?

Your punishment is my denial,
A whipping lie to put you in place.
You're not my toy anymore.
My body was never yours to touch.
You're just an excuse of a b*******
Nothing more
than dirt on the heel of my shoe.

For you who has no idea
How I really feel
My goodbye
Was all
You need
To Hear.
Irrational Goodbye
... more venting.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)
A day online, what could be a danger?
I'm meeting various weird strangers
I'm in it, I'm on it, I can't take it.
If this is your "you" then show me a fight.

I want it, I take it, I'm upbeat, shaking.
Invisibly, my heart was mistaken
For something so full of lies and hate
Will I drown in pillows of soft ecstatic mating
To want that, to dream that, I am likewise
A shining object you cannot give up for pride.

I am waking, shaking, nearly abating
This war in my head is more than I'm taking
The smoking, wound tight, curling to die now.
I am not gone, I'm already alarmed, no.

All the misled paintings, I'll make you a story.
A fabrication of lies to fascinate you.
Am I wanted? You need this? I'll give you something.
For you who I've lied to, I can't give enough.
I'll give anything to you that you want.
All the shaking, "lady, you know you're good in bed"
So you said, but it makes me want to scream!
All my disdain cannot lead it up To
The simple feeling that I forgot something
But I think just a kiss will make it alright.

Maybe I should let you go
And run away now.
Maybe I'll remember
When it was I loved you
Try not to take the lies
For what is truth now
I cannot give in without a fight.

Maybe I will let you know
How all my true feelings flow.
But your mind can't handle those.
So here's an affectionate band-aid.
"Please, I beg you, it doesn't exist now.
There isn't anything in the core for you.
I have wronged you, I lied to you.
Let's look to the future to see
What lies ahead instead of moping
Let's just leave this behind."

I am hoping to love you, to give you comfort,
To nurture and to splendor, (beginning to wittle apart.)
I am trying, lying, smiling, oh so aimless.
Stop that talk, it's making me nauseous.
You really want me? You made a mistake.

"Really? Sure, you can come."
But I hate you, I loath you, I want to finish you.
Erase your existence with my pinkie finger.
All the hate and love could never exist any more.
If I am "I", then what do I want?

I can no longer tolerate any more.
You, idiot, you are MINE NO MORE.
I will kick you, shove you,
Stab you inside the water,
gladly beat you every step of the way.
And gladly go as the current sweeps you away!

(  Sin k in g  d o w n  )

I am so lonely, will anybody hear me?
Was my existence one that was perfectly flawless?
I did do the best I could do for myself
And for any idiot to get in my way.

I will grab you and pull you under the sand
And caress you, I touch you, call me silly
I want us to be together 'til the end!
This final, pressurizing moment
As gravity pushes out my all my breath,
I take one final look into your eyes.
And so as I die, my only regret is...

That I didn't bother to kiss you goodbye.
Forget my Dream
This is all about the instability I've had with relationships.
I give up. Being single forever sounds good. :D

COME BACK TO ME, IT'S ALMOST EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

sorry. kind of felt in the moment there.
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Could someone suggest a scanner? Brand? Store suggestions? Prices? Something helpful. Myeh.

So, how is everyone doing? Probably busy, like me, but that's fine. Busy is usually a good thing. Just letting you know I care about you guys, and your comments are always appreciated.

Peace. Love.

Meirin-sama thanks you o3o


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United States
Ah, yes. I'm Megan. I'm a starting student in college. I have little to say about myself, except that I have a very creative and inventive mind. I love to read and listen to music like Vocaloid, Hollywood Undead, and Slipknot.

You can comment on the deviations I've submitted, but bear in mind the fact there is not enough money in my hands to afford a scanner. (Seriously, I'm tired of people telling me my art should be scanned. If you feel the quality is that distorting of my work, you can mail me an envelope of money and stop complaining.)

Feel free to look through my gallery at your leisure. Favorite any items you like. Thank you.

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