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About Deviant Meirin-samaFemale/United States Group :iconalternitivexxxartist: ALTernitiveXXXartist
we live on the otherside :)
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Just to let you all know, I make no profit from what I post here. Which generally pisses me off. During my years on this site, I've been ripped off by Crypton or whoever made Mew, I do not gain profit from my design they took from me... I've accumulated views and a few watchers, but I still feel so dissatisfied with how my work looks I'm thinking about deactivating my account. So enjoy my work... while you still can.
VOCALOID GUMI Candy love by MagarahTezerra
I drew this in first period, and it first period I had noooothing to do because I wasn't part of the class, I just had to be there because my teacher liked it if I was somewhere where he could keep an eye on me.
Let It Go by MagarahTezerra
Let It Go
Yep. That's my title for this peace. And if I'd care to explain, it's not an OC, it's my gaia online avatar and she's getting rid of items my ex gave me like Koi, which you can barely see in the water, And a Black Stem Rose.

It was actually drawn two years ago, which is alright, I guess.
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Hey everybody, I know I've been gone a long time living life and everything, wedding bellsI've got a job as an.............................................................................................. sorry there was a banner of an ad rudely sitting in my way non-budging-like, but look I know I've been gone awhile, I can honestly say I've been busy, so just bear with it. Within the next 8 months I'll have enough money to buy the scanner I need so I can show you guys (and girls ;D) all of the AWESOME art I've made! (seriously my desk is overflowing)_(been doing so much practice/improvement/developing my own music/singing channel/trying to keep this site updated with my work/running around like a chicken with my head cut off/wanting to scream and bash my face through mirrors and windows/spending time with my family/keeping my sanity intact somehow 8'D)

SO it's the eve of my parent's wedding and I'm giving my mom away I cannot WAIT until the wedding is over but even then we've got to move because we're being EVICTED FOR NO REASON, YAAAAY :'D isn't that fantastic? I might get to live in a house with a fence apfhfejvhbbaskdjwq maybe get a doggy to come live with us, though I'm not sure how my cats would take to it, ahahahaa.... *bashes forehead on keyboard repeatedly* I. AM NOT. OKAY.

....just....y'know, in case you couldn't tell.

But other than that I'm doing fine. :| I'll live. I'll f**king live forever. And maybe make the world a better place during my time on Earth, playing music for people in stadiums, publishing my art in magazines, yeah that would be a life. I'd love to see that happen. Obviously I'm already working towards that goal. Music never dies. Music is eternally flowing through time, never to fade as long as creatures hump to the same beat I'm listening to, there will be rhythm.

Forget I mentioned it. You probably don't care anyway.


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United States
Ah, yes. I'm Megan. I'm a starting student in college. I have little to say about myself, except that I have a very creative and inventive mind. I love to read and listen to music like Vocaloid, Hollywood Undead, and Slipknot.

You can comment on the deviations I've submitted, but bear in mind the fact there is not enough money in my hands to afford a scanner. (Seriously, I'm tired of people telling me my art should be scanned. If you feel the quality is that distorting of my work, you can mail me an envelope of money and stop complaining.)

Feel free to look through my gallery at your leisure. Favorite any items you like. Thank you.

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